“The Chrissy Show”

14 Nov

It is very interesting how someone can do something in an attempt to belittle you, but their actions can give you positive insight into your own beliefs.  Earlier this week, I received an e-mail from a person of low moral character.  The e-mail was filled with things (mostly lies) written specifically in an effort to hurt my feelings.  That stood out to me because as an adult, I can’t really remember a time that another adult has done something to me specifically and intentionally to hurt my feelings.  Usually when people hurt your feelings as an adult, it is usually very unintentional and/or a misunderstanding in my experience.  Anyway, in this message, this person of low moral character told me that if I didn’t comply with his masochistic demands that I would be forced to continue living in “The Chrissy Show”.  Of course, he went on to request that I not share the e-mail with anyone else. SMH! Evil and darkness love to stay hidden away.  It was very clear from the tone of the e-mail that he meant “The Chrissy Show” as an insult, but the thing is I really like “The Chrissy Show”.  Actually, I LOVE “The Chrissy Show”.  It’s pretty awesome.  It’s my favorite!!!  What’s not to like about it?  It’s smart, funny, attractive, kind and it can “drop it low” in the club, well . . . scratch that last one, but it loves to boogie!  Intellectually, I understand that for some unexplainable reason people are not supposed to declare that they love themselves, but I’m going to just admit that I’m perplexed about why anyone else wouldn’t see how amazing “The Chrissy Show” is. (Yes, I’m going to end that sentence with a preposition because I can – I’m Chrissy and it’s my show!)  In fact, I’m going to make sure that my wonderful son Horace loves “The Horace Show”.  This morning, I realized that this person wrote this to me because he hates the fact that I love “The Chrissy Show” so much mostly because he’s disappointed in his own show.  Here’s my bottom line:  I am the only one who has to love “The Chrissy Show”, but the world would be such an amazing place if everyone loved “The (your name here) Show” because if you really, truly love and appreciate “The (your name here) Show”, then you would never have time to write long love letters about what you don’t like about “The (someone else’s name) Show.” Image
(Prepping for “The Chrissy Show”)

(Prepping for “The Chrissy Show”)

“Some people make me laugh.”


One Response to ““The Chrissy Show””

  1. KB November 14, 2013 at 8:29 pm #

    Wow…I agree, the world would be a much better place if they did love “The (your name here) Show”! And didn’t have time to attempt to manage, ruin, or cancel the “The Chrissy Show.” But remember, unbridled narcissistic personality disorder probably runs in his blood. So bashing “The Chrissy Show.”; to cover up the fact that “he doesn’t have a show”, that is worth watching, is kind of what he has to do. Plus, I think he may finally get that he’ll never be a part of the “Chrissy Show”, so any 15 seconds of fame he can get is cool with him! You need to pass him a Nelson box, to see how often he keeps watch of the “Chrissy Show”! Oh yeah, I love the prep for your show too! And I’m glad, he makes you laugh!

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