Huh? It’s just “RHOA – Sorority Edition” Ya’ll know they be shooting black males & not going to jail right?

18 Dec

Okay, I get.  We don’t want our sorority to be seen in a negative light.  I can understand that, but I am astounded that the women of Pan-Hell actually had the power behind them to get advertisers to pull out from a show that would actually make money.  Let’s not kid ourselves.  The demographic that VH1 is trying to reach will watch the show and people like me, who had no intention of watching the show would probably watch a couple of episodes just to see what the hype is all about. So, basically the AKAs and Deltas have convinced advertisers to pull from a Network, not because people will not be watching the show, but because people will be watching and Big Brother, I mean, the sororities and the fraternities don’t like what people will see. Really?!

My problem with this is (and I hate this question, but) “Why now?!”  I care about how my sorority is portrayed, but I care about my race is portrayed more.  Bill O’Reilly got on television and said that he was surprised when he walked into a black restaurant and saw that the black people were not screaming and throwing food at each other.  Get HIS freaking show pulled Sorors!! These thoughts don’t come from his interaction with black people.  They come from the images of how black people (all black people, not just a pseudo-elite subclass) are portrayed.  It is bothersome to me that Pan-Hell had this much power, but chose to use it because our sororities were being portrayed negatively.  Our entire race is seen in a negative light in the media consistently.   I mean, deceptively edited media clips, manipulated statistics, completely false statements touted as indisputable facts, but we’re mad because the VH-1 chose some sorors with outrageous personalities to front their reality show?  Newsflash:  There are some AKAs and Deltas and Alphas and Kappas and Lord knows some Ques, who are a hot mess!  Don’t act like you don’t know them!

I plead with my Sorors, our little DST sisters and the other Pan-Hell crew to use the power for something more.  If indeed, ya’ll are able to get this show pulled because you don’t like what you see, please use that same power to create and pass a federal law mandating that special (outside) prosecutors be appointed anytime a peace officer is accused of crime.  I know this issue doesn’t directly affect any of the Pan-Hell brands, but facilitating action in this manner would make me, personally, less annoyed about being a member of an organization who gives two peeled potato sacks about what the people who watch VH-1 reality shows regularly think of us.  No offense to people who watch VH-1 reality shows, I’ve seen my share, but I don’t think if you rounded up the base viewers, they would be able to seriously affect the bottom-line of any sorority.

On a side note, I think it’s pretty ironic that some of the same people who say that Sony should not have backed down by pulling “The Interview”, vehemently feel that this sorority show should be pulled.  #FlawedLogic

Disclaimer: I have like four jobs and a child, so I have to be very selective in the television that I choose to watch, so I haven’t seen any clips of the show.  All of my knowledge of it comes from social media and on-line articles.


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