Bio: Oh my! Where do I start? I was born in Washington D.C. and raised in Houston, TX. In my heart, I'm an actress and a singer, but I actually work in Human Resources and Real Estate to pay bills and support my son. I decided to start writing my blog again so I can get all of these congested thoughts out of my head. I've spent a lot of time in the workforce and in school. Ignore any mistakes you see; I've earned them. I'm a #Gemini, so follow me on social media (links below). I am completely aware that that sentence has absolutely no causation. On Twitter, I'm a sarcastic, radical #Antifa leftist, on Facebook, I'm a funny mom who dotes on her son's antics, On Instagram, I'm positive, spiritual guru who loves talking animals and sassy comebacks, On TicTok, I'm a peeping tom with no creative contribution, on YouTube, I'm a scattered commentator who riffs about dating and current events.

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